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Physics 30

Pre-requisites: Physical Science 20 required, strong math skills from Pre-calculus 20 highly recommended. A 30 level math is advantageous but not required.


Description: In this class we continue from ideas presented in Science 10 pertaining to the analysis of objects in motion referred to as Kinematics, then study why objects move by applying Newton's Laws and Newtonian Mechanics. Conservation theories of Momentum and Energy are covered as well as Field Theory (gravitational, electric and magnetic). Ideas from Modern Physics are introduced and may include contributions of Einstein, Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear Physics or others.


Required Textbooks: (online versions will be made available for students).

 phy12.jpg  phy12a.jpg

Additional Requirements:

  • Daily access to email and internet
  • Word processing software
  • Ability to make/scan PDF documents (free apps are available)
  • Digital camera (phone camera) for lab activities
  • Ability to print documents is very useful but not completely necessary