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Home-Based Education

What is it?

A home-based education program is a program based in the home, started and directed by the parents or guardians, for their own children between the ages of 6 and 17 years of age inclusive. The Home-Based Education Policy Manual is available to assist parents with fulfilling their legal responsibilities in regard to the registration and operation of home-based education programs.

Parents living within the city limits of Saskatoon who elect to provide a Home-based Education Program for their children must register with the Saskatoon Public School Division before commencing their program. Parents must complete the Notice of Intent and Registration Form for Home-based Education and submit their form along with their written Education Plan to fulfill requirements for registration.

When do I register?

Registrations for each school year should be completed by September 15 of that school year. Parents can register after the September 15 deadline anytime throughout the year, but would not qualify for any monetary reimbursement from the school division.

How do I put together an Education Plan

The intent of the written education plan is for parents to demonstrate that they have a positive and constructive approach to the education of their children before commencing their home-based education program.

Where can I learn about curriculum and resources?

The Teacher for Home-Based Education is available to provide educational consultation to home-based educators as they prepare their written education plan, if so desired. Samples of Saskatchewan Curriculum are available to view on the Saskatchewan Curriculum website, as well as numerous resources and learning charts.

Supporting Documents found on the Ministry of Education website:

Please also see the following documents:

Contact Information

For further information and registration contact Rachel Cossette, Teacher for Home-Based Education, at 306-683-8294 or by email.