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Saskatoon Public Schools
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Autism Diagnostic Clinic at John Dolan School
​The incidence of autism has increased significantly over the past decade. Saskatoon Public Schools has responded to the increase for diagnostic and intervention supports by establishing an autism diagnostic clinic. The clinic, in operation since December, 2012, is housed at John Dolan School and provides diagnostic services for students in Saskatoon Public Schools suspected of having autism spectrum disorder. The clinic is currently serviced by pediatrician, Dr. Karen Streilein, who volunteers her services, as well as a team of professionals from our division. 
Those who spoke to this Celebrating Excellence item were Dr. Karen Streilein, pediatrician; Linda Erker, school psychologist; Kim Swan, Coordinator of Student Services; Cory Klassen and Pam Beaudry, Speech Language Pathologists; Joanne Duret, Educational Assistant; Dawn Driedger, Principal of John Dolan School; and Jenny Hawthorne, parent.