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Law 30
Prerequisite:  History 10 or Native Studies 10  
Description: Law 30 will provide an overview of the Canadian Legal System, Criminal Law, and Civil Law. Additional units of study may include the study of two of the following: Family Law, Labor and Employment Law, Contract and Consumer Law, Environmental Law, and International Law.
Required Textbook: The Law 30 text (shown on right) can be purchased from:
Central Resource Centre
Saskatoon Public Schools
      3rd floor
      310 - 21st Street East
All About Law, 5th Edition
by Gibson, Murphy, Jarman, & Grant
ISBN 0-17-620148-3
Additional Requirements:
E-Mail - that handles attachments
Current Browser (Java Enabled)
Internet Access
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Word Processor Software
    {Preferred Software - Microsoft Office}
Flash Player, Shockwave Player and Windows Media Player