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Creative Writing 20

Prerequisite:  ELA A10 & B10

Description: CW20 provides students with the opportunity to expand and refine their knowledge of both the craft and art of creative writing.

Students will acquire the expertise to generate ideas, develop language precision, edit with understanding and confidently deliver a published work to an audience.
(Creative writing is public writing. Therefore, this is not a course designed to develop personal journaling or private writing.)
By reading and discussing models of professional writers, we will examine strategies used by writers to develop their ideas and present them in fresh and interesting ways to readers. Students will also be expected to write on a daily basis. Some of the writing in this course will be teacher assigned; other pieces will allow the student to select the style, the topic and the approach.
Students will be required to post selected pieces to a writing discussion group for feedback by their peers. You will use all stages of the writing process, revising your work and ultimately producing a (20 page) portfolio of your best writing.
The course is an opportunity for you to actively read, think about, talk and express yourself through writing.
As Toni Morrison writes, “If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”
Required Textbook:  There is no required textbook for this class.
Additional Requirements:
An active email account that allows for multiple page documents to be sent and received
Daily access to a computer and the internet
Access to a word processing package