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Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered to students who are committed to thinking and working at a high level, and who want to enrich and challenge themselves by working on university level material while still in high school. Depending on the score students receive on the final AP exam, they have the potential to earn a university credit. Students can choose a single AP course or a combination of AP courses (provided they have the prerequisites).

Students can also challenge any AP course, even if that course is not offered in their home school. Students wishing to challenge must independently prepare and must notify their school's Student Services office by November 15. For a list of possible AP courses to challenge, see the AP College Board website.


The University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina, along with almost all Canadian universities, grant credit to students earning a score of 4 or 5 in AP courses. The student's score is based entirely on either a standardized written exam in May, except Art & Design, which requires students submit an art portfolio in place of an exam. Obtaining a university credit for a successful AP score can save students tuition costs and gives them more flexibility in their timetable. 

• Internationally recognized
• University-level course work
• Potential to earn university credits
• Variety of courses offered in Saskatoon Public Schools
• Rigorous academic opportunity
AP Credit Courses:
Centennial Collegiate
Evan Hardy Collegiate
Marion M. Graham Collegiate
Centennial Collegiate
Evan Hardy Collegiate
Tommy Douglas Collegiate
Evan Hardy Collegiate
Tommy Douglas Collegiate​
Evan Hardy Collegiate
Centennial Collegiate
Evan Hardy Collegiate
Marion M. Graham Collegiate
Tommy Douglas Collegiate
Centennial Collegiate
Evan Hardy Collegiate

Evan Hardy Collegiate
Evan Hardy Collegiate
Centennial Collegiate


There is no registration fee for an Advanced Placement course. Advanced Placement Art does have a materials fee. Some students choose to take the course for credit and benefit from the learning experience, but may choose not to write the exam.

Students who choose to write the AP exam in May will be charged a fee for the exam. These fees are paid directly to the AP College Board and cover the cost of the exam.

Students are invoiced to their school fees account once they commit to writing the AP exam(s). The deadline to make a commitment to write the exam and pay the associated fee is March 15 in the same year of the exam. 

Fees associated with College Board Advanced Placement exams:

Saskatoon Public School students who are registered in an in-person exam or are challenging an exam

  • $125 per exam
  • Late order exams will be charged $50 per exam
  • Cancelled exams will be charged $50 per exam.
Out-of-division (non-Saskatoon Public) students who are challenging an exam
  • $175 per exam challenge if ordered before November 15
  • $225 per exam challenge if ordered between November 16 and March 15.

Students interested in challenging a College Board Advanced Placement exam should contact Student Services at Evan Hardy Collegiate at 306-683-7706 or no later than November 15 of the academic school year they wish to write the exam.