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Practical and Applied Arts 09


Practical and Applied Arts 09

This Practical and Applied Arts (PAA) 9 course is structured as a survey course, offering a taste of several practical and applied arts that students can take in their grade 10 to 12 years. Module for this course are selected by the teacher and can include the following options:


Students will understand basic computer programming procedures and will use an animated computer program (Scratch)to build games and animations that demonstrate their skills.
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Digital Graphic Design

Students will learn how to use graphic design software to plan and create digital images, logos, and other visual media. Pen skills and the use of lines, shapes, and colours to create interesting and creative design projects will be the focus in this unit of study


Digital Photography

Students will develop an understand of how aperture, shutter speed, and ISO affect student-created photography. This thread encourages students to use cameras (digital cameras, phones, tablets) to take interesting and engaging photos. Composition and shot planning along with digital image retouching are the focus of this thread.

Computer Aided Design & Technical Drafting

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Students will use drafting software to create technical drawings for real-life objects. Students will learn about the basic views used to represent 3D objects in 2D space. 3D object modeling may also be pursued in this thread.


App Development for Smartphones & Tablets

Utilizing the international GO-IT program to plan and develop mobile applications (phone/tablet) to enable users to navigate the digital world and solve real-life problems.
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Kitchen Basics

Students will examine the steps involved in food preparation, establish guidelines for cooking at-home with others, and food etiquette. We will discuss following a recipe; become familiar with the tools of measurement and how to measure accurately; how to identify and correctly use a variety of kitchen tools and equipment; and how to apply cooking knowledge by preparing a "How-to Cooking Video" for fellow classmates.


Kitchen and Food Safety

Students will understand food safety and create a brochure on food-borne illnesses. Students will apply their knowledge by completing an "at-risk food" safety cooking lab, practice safe work habits and accident prevention at home, while being evaluated by a parent.


Baking Basics


Students will identify the ingredients used in flour mixtures and analyze their role in baked products, discuss different types of flour, understand the role of leaving agents and the function of gluten in baking, while differentiating between quick and yeast breads. They will be able to identify and apply different baking terms, techniques and flour mixtures. Their final cooking lab will culminate in producing a quick bread and yeast recipe.

Interior Design

Students will learn about design fundamentals, furniture and décor accessories and apply them to creating an interior space. In a three-tiered, dream room plan, students will start by creating a collage of desired room features, then apply furniture styles throughout history within an idea map and complete the planning process by making a virtual 3-D home space.  In the process, students will learn valuable consumer skills such as comparing new and used furniture prices, lighting fixtures and fireplace types.

Hand Sewing



Students will learn basic hand-sewing tools, functional and decorative hand stitching techniques, and reading pattern instructions to create a sock monkey, recycled project. In the process, they will apply their current knowledge of design elements and sewing techniques to add accessories to their monkey.




Students will learn the design process and creating their own beading design, while learning the skills, tools and techniques to do edging, backing and tacking of beading embellishments on fabric.