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Westmount School
Inspiring Learning
Métis Cultural Program
​​Metisprogram_web.jpgThe Métis Cultural Program has been created to preserve, strengthen and transmit Métis/Michif culture, traditions and Michif language in Saskatchewan. The program is housed at Westmoutn School and is open to all students from prekindergarten to Grade 8 throughout Saskatoon. It is delivered exclusively from a Métis/Michif perspective. 

The intent of the program is to enrich student education through authentic learning experiences within a Métis/Michif world view. The learning occurs through a co-teaching model where the Métis culture​ teacher, Michif Traditional Knowledge Keeper and the Michif language teacher work with classroom teachers to integrate language, content and perspectives. This approach builds capacity for all teachers to infuse content, perspectives and language into all curricular areas. 

During the school year, students:
  • ​Enrich their skills from a Métis/Michif perspective
  • Building culturally relevant leadership skills
  • Transfer knowledge between generations
  • Participate in experiential learning opportunities. 
The program is made possible because of the generosity and commitment of members from Métis/Michif communities in Saskatoon, including Lii Pleu Vyeu, Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI), Central Urban Métis Federation Incorporated (CUMFI), Mé​​tis Nation—Saskatchewan (MN-S), Gabriel Dumont Local 11, and Saskatoon Public Schools' First Nations, Inuit and Métis Education Unit. These partnerships are essential to the success of the Program.

Mii Taant leur Plaas Michif Early Learning Program

Westmount School is home to the Mii Taant leur Plaas (Auntie's Place) prekindergarten and kindergarten programs. To learn more about these early learning programs, click here.