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Westmount School
Inspiring Learning

Westmount Metis Day 2022-25_1.jpgA tug-o-war with a sash, building a Red River cart, making pemmican, and taking part in jigging were some of the ways Grade 4 students from throughout the school division learned and engaged in Métis/Michif culture.

Kishkaytaytaahk, the Métis Day of Learning hosted by Westmount Community School on June 2, provided students and teachers with engaging and authentic learning from the Métis/Michif perspective and makes connections to the Grade 4 curriculum.

The annual day of learning commemorates and shares the traditions, culture, and history of the Métis/Michif people and their contributions.  

Opportunities for learning included such things as the story and history of Batoche, food, Lii Pleu Vyeu (Old People), Michif language, Lii fleur pi lii Michinn (plants and medicine), history of the Road Allowance People and La Prayrii du Rond (Round Prairie) community, and string games for children.

Teachers brought the experiences of Kishkaytaytaahk back to their schools and classrooms. Students were then able to share their learning and through written work, video, and images.