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Tommy Douglas Collegiate
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Softball Academy

TDsoftball_web.jpgThe Tiger Softball Academy at Tommy Douglas Collegiate is open to all Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 students. Grade 9 students will meet required outcomes in Physical Education and Career Education.  Grade 10 students will receive Wellness 10 and Career Work Exploration 10 credits. Grade 11/12 students will receive PE 20/30 and Psychology 30, Geography 30 or an online credit.

Students will take part in on-field softball activities for half of the semester utilizing both outdoor and indoor facilities. In the alternate half of the semester, students will be involved in Career Work Education classes or Psychology 30, which will include National Coaching Certification training and sport-related volunteer hours.
There is a $450 fee for students taking this course, which will cover facility rentals, offsite transportation and course materials (Please Note: for students in their second and third year in the softball academy, their fee will be $300). Payment is due when the students begin the program. Students will be supplied with a Softball Academy sweat suit, T-shirts and shorts. Participants will be required to supply their own glove, helmet and bat (if possible). Acceptance into this program is not based on the ability to pay. If cost is a deterrent, please contact the principal of Tommy Douglas at 306-683-7911.
Interested students should contact the Student Services secretary at Tommy Douglas Collegiate for more information (306-683-7916). This program requires an application to be completed and returned to Student Services by 3:00 p.m. Friday, April 11, 2022 , and enrolment will be limited. All applicants will be contacted by April 28, 2022. The softball academy instructors are Don Bates, former head coach of Canadian Men’s National Team, and Trevor Ethier, a former pitcher on the national team, and current Women's Jr. National Team Coach. 
This Softball Academy is intended to be a broad-based program geared toward softball enthusiasts with a range of skill levels and a passion for the game. This program will give students the opportunity to earn high school credits, develop softball skills, provide volunteer service to their community and create lasting friendships. Click here to see a sneak peak of the Softball Academy.