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Tommy Douglas Collegiate
Inspiring Learning
Off the Grid

The Off the Grid program is a half-day, full-year learning experience that will take students on an integrative, interdisciplinary adventure.

This program is intended for Grade 9 students who are interested in such topics as climate change, sustainable living, social justice and the growing need for innovation in these areas. Part of the course will include students working towards the goal of making Tommy Douglas Collegiate a more energy efficient building.

This course will appeal to students who want to experience life outside the box as they gain insight into the topics of complex systems that govern all life through a hands-on learning style. Through this course students will become leaders equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to make a difference in their community. Topics will include: renewable resources/energies; environmental policy; traditional knowledge; plant and soil science; societal pressures and democratic practices.

Students taking part in Tommy Douglas’ Off the Grid program will be exposed to other similar minded youth who are passionate about positively influencing our communities in Saskatoon and surrounding areas. Students will have the opportunity to meet some of Saskatchewan’s leading experts in fields of environment and sustainability while getting the chance to share and teach the class about their own thoughts and values. Our school and local community inspire Off the Grid initiatives making our program a link between education and practical application of important projects in  our society.

The program provides students with credit for Social Studies 9, Science 9, English Language Arts 9A and Arts 9.

Interested students may contact Student Services at Tommy Douglas Collegiate to obtain an application. The application is designed to find students who are wishing to push themselves both academically and physically to create and inspire positive environmental and social change in our community and in our building.

Download the full program description for details and contact information.