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Aden Bowman Collegiate
Inspiring Learning
Bowman Music

Aden Bowman Music Department invites You to be a part of a great experience!

You are invited to join the Aden Bowman Music Program. Whether it be in choir or in band, we would like to see you continue or start your music education. There is a lot to learn and a lot of enjoyment in the process. Contact or or phone 306-683-7600 with about the program.


Bowman - Band To The Bone!

With three concert bands, one jazz band, concert choir and a newly formed string ensemble, Aden Bowman has many musical opportunities. Each musical group performs several concerts in the Robert Hinitt Castle Theatre during the year. Other performances include local musical festivals as well as a spring tour for each concert band and choir. Two levels of jazz for the young enthusiast or the more experienced musician. Musicals take place every second year.


Bowman Music is Where it's at!