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Aden Bowman Collegiate
Inspiring Learning

​Aden Bowman has a very strong history in music.  It is important that we uphold to the standards that have been set before us and carry on the tradition!

1) Classes begin at 8:45 a.m., therefore students need to arrive no later than the warning bell, 8:40 a.m. This will allow you five minutes to take out your instrument, set it up and have your music prepared for the start of class.

2) Most rehearsals will start with working quietly on the theory packages, ear training and/or rhythm training exercises.

3) When the conductor is on the podium, 100% of your attention and focus is required. Much rehearsal time may be lost waiting for unfocused students.

4) A section leader will be assigned for each instrument section.  If a student in the section requires music to be copied, it is the responsibility for the section leader to take the request and approach the teacher at the end of class with the request for music.  If it is urgent to have the piece immediately, the section leader may retrieve the requested music from the black filing cabinet.

5) When new music is being handed out, the section leader for each section will approach the podium and retrieve the music for their section.  Unless stated by the teacher, the section leader will distribute the music to the section being aware that students should receive different parts    (clarinet part ) for each new piece they receive.

6) SmartMusic tests will be mostly completed at home. For those students who need to complete the tests a school, the computers in the music practice rooms are available on a first come first serve basis at 8:15 a.m., noon hour and most days after school till 4:30.

7) Music computers will be used for completing online theory tests as well as other music software programs. After a student has completed their assignment they will then quietly go back to the rehearsal and notify the next student in their section or the next person in the row.  This is to be done with minimal interruption to the rehearsal.

8) When listening to recordings students should be following along with their part and doing the fingerings/slide positions. Students need to become active listeners instead of just passively hearing.

9) At the end of the rehearsal students will be given the last 3-5 minutes in order to properly clean and store instruments.  It is extremely important for woodwind players to clean the instrument after each playing session.  Brass players need to rinse out their instrument at home in the bath tub every two weeks.

10) Assignments are turned in at the start of class.  There is a stack of yellow baskets against the wall where all grade levels are labelled.

Instrument cases 
Woodwind players who require reeds will require one good reed to play on and two extra reeds in their case as backups.  All woodwind players require a cleaning swab to clean out their instruments at the end of each practice session.

Brass players require valve oil for all valve instruments and trombone players require slide cream and a spray bottle to keep the slide moist.

A pencil is required to be kept in the music folder.  Students will have in class assignments and students will need to put markings in the music during rehearsals.

The evening concerts at Aden Bowman Collegiate begin at 7:00 p.m.

Set up starts at 6:15 p.m..  (Many hands make light work)   There is a lot of work to setting up the concert and many volunteers are required.

6:40 is the regular time to arrive and warm up for the concert.

Concert dress
The concert uniform for Aden Bowman Collegiate music groups is black dress pants/long skirt, black socks/black nylons, black dress shoes and the Aden bowman music shirt. This is a uniform and it is necessary for students to look as a group during performances.  Students who do not meet the above requirements will not perform at that performance. It is important that we dress for the occasion.

Concert etiquette
Before and after your performance students will be asked to sit in a designated area in the theatre.  It is important the group sits together so that when it is time to go on stage the group moves together.  Every student will pick up a reflection sheet (exit slip) prior to the concert.  This short assignment is to be submitted before leaving at the end of the concert.  As performers and listeners it is important that we understand our job.  On stage we are the performers with the spotlight on us.  As listeners in the audience we must be quiet and focused so that we do not disturb the performance for others in the audience.

End of the performance
It is imperative that as many students as possible help “take down” at the end of the performance.  There are classes in the theatre and in the music room following each of the evening performances and each room needs to be cleaned and prepared for the following day.

Leadership is when someone does something for the betterment of the group without being asked.