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Aden Bowman Collegiate
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About our School
In the past half century since Aden Bowman Collegiate opened its doors, the school has established an unrivalled tradition of excellence in academics, in the arts and in athletics. We are extremely proud of every aspect of this collegiate: our wonderful facility; our strong community links; our excellent program offerings; our dedicated staff; and, especially, our spirited and talented students.
At Aden Bowman, students pursue their studies in a culture that provides engaging learning opportunities and celebrates academic achievement. Almost 40% of our students perform at a level that places them on the academic honour roll. We offer a number of integrated programs, such as Collective Voice, (Grade 9), a half day, full year program exploring ancient civilizations and indigenous cultures.  In addition we offer a combined English and History program (at the Grade 10 and 12 levels) and Earthkeepers, a full day, full semester Grade 10 program with a focus on sustainability.  Every year, Saskatoon Public Schools presents its Award of Excellence to the top graduate in the entire school division. Students from Aden Bowman have received this recognition on numerous occasions.
The arts are flourishing at Aden Bowman. Most student performances in drama and music occur in our performance facility: the Robert Hinitt Castle Theatre. For many years, this professional-calibre performance space has heightened possibilities and contributed to exceptional results and memorable experiences. Many fine stage performers, musicians, and visual artists have graduated from Aden Bowman and continue to make their artistic presence felt well beyond the school community.
We are also in great shape, athletically speaking, at Aden Bowman. The Aden Bowman Bears sports teams have earned a reputation for sportsmanship and fair play to go along with our winning ways. This year alone we captured a city championship in curling, won silver medals in football, and basketball.
Another important tradition involves the quality of the more than 8,000 students who have graduated from Aden Bowman. There have always been outstanding students at Aden Bowman who have earned valuable scholarships and academic opportunities. Our school has consistently produced impressive leaders and people who make a difference in the community. If you examine the roster of our alumni, you will notice Olympic champions, artists and musicians of international stature, fashion designers, social activists, and countless other people who have made a positive impact on this community, this city, this province, and beyond.
There continues to be an ethic of social awareness and active citizenship in our school community. We are well known for the many thousands of dollars we have raised for UNICEF over the years. It is also no coincidence that our HUE club (which stands for Human Rights, UNICEF, and the Environment) is among the busiest, most productive groups in the school.
There is powerful evidence that this rich tradition of excellence lives on in all aspects of Aden Bowman, and that much is being done to ensure that our school remains strong, and relevant, and responsive to the needs of our community. We encourage you to contact us and arrange to see for yourself!