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École Silverspring School
Inspiring Learning
Voyageurs Canoe Club
​​ ​The Silverspring Voyageurs Canoe Club is a year-round, extracurricular, outdoor canoe club for students in grades 7 and 8.​ It exists to provide unique educational, physical, social and emotional experience for participants, who gain a new appreciation of and respect for the outdoors. Being a member of the club is a privilege and students need to demonstrate self-discipline, physical fitness, high self-motivation and be committed to working towards achieving their personal goals and the goals of the club. 

During hands-on practices, classroom sessions and out-of-school experiences students work to acquire skills in canoeing, First Aid, water safety, camping, wilderness survival, winter camping, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, to name a few activities. Typically, the Voyageurs Canoe Club goes on several trips throughout the year, including a winter camp and an overnight canoe trip. The highlight of the year is a multi-day northern trip where students explore new areas of Saskatchewan and practice all the skills they have learned throughout the year.