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Evan Hardy Collegiate
Inspiring Learning
Jazz Band

Evan Hardy Collegiate offers many opportunities for students to dip into the genre of jazz. Beginning in grade 9, students can join the junior jazz, and in later years, the senior jazz band and jazz studies 20/30 class. The extracurricular junior and senior jazz bands rehearse once a week after school,  and the jazz studies run every other day, alternating with the senior concert band. Concert band is a co-requisite of jazz studies.


Jazz studies is designed for students to explore the craft of improvisation, which is at the heart of jazz. The course will focus on listening to the works of the masters, chord/scale study, and improvising on various pieces central to the jazz repertoire. An emphasis will be placed on developing aural skills through big band. By the end of this course, students should have a basic understanding of jazz and direction for lifelong learning. 

The jazz studies class has participated in the CBC Music Class challenge several times, entering a student-arranged Canadian piece:



Jazz band students participate in many concerts and festivals throughout the year and have opportunities to travel, which may include festivals, clinics, and performances.  Additionally, students in the jazz bands have many opportunities throughout the year for community performances, volunteer opportunities and mentorship with the youth in our community.