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Media School

The Media School Experience


Media School is a dynamic, integrated program that helps Grade 11 students grow into independent learners in a caring community setting. Through various short film projects such as music videos, movie monologues, documentaries and 6 Roles Films, students develop filmmaking skills such as screenwriting, directing, editing, lighting, acting, costuming, makeup and sound recording. Unique experiences in Media School include our semi-annual leadership retreat, where we make films and develop community, and an escape room, where students hone their production design, costuming, makeup and acting skills. All of this is done in the Media School facility with editing workstations, no bells and the freedom to explore learning.

Diverse Community

In Media School, 16 to 20 students join in a hands-on, real-world intensive education focused on authentic film and media production. Media School takes all kinds. If you are passionate about films (watching them and making them), screenwriting, acting and directing, costuming, makeup, editing and anything else related to film, Media School may be the program for you. We take top academic students and students who struggle in the traditional school model. We accept students who are passionate about filmmaking regardless of experience.


Media School provides top professional and semi-professional equipment. The same programs and technology used on the feature films currently in theatres are used by our students. To create their personal productions, students use top audio recording and engineering software and equipment, the same cameras used on many television productions, professional grip and lighting equipment, and the supplies and software to create a range of physical and CG effects.


  • Learn the techniques of your favourite films while still in high school.
  • Make movies and learn about pre-production, production and post-production.
  • Get certified in Set Safety and Protocol.
  • Participate in an Oscar Night at The Roxy Theatre.
  • Learn from top media professionals.


  • Active Living Fitness Leadership 20
  • English Language Arts 20
  • Communications Media 20 and 30
  • Credit of choice (depending on availability)


Media School is open to students entering Grade 11 in September 2023. Students must apply to be considered for the program. 

Apply online here or click on the green button to the right. 

The application is due April 6, 2023.

Open House 

Evan Hardy Collegiate is hosting an open house at the school for Media School on Thursday, March 23 at 7 p.m. We encourage anyone who is interested in the program to attend. If you are unable to join and have questions, please contact Roddy Gall at