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North Park Wilson School
Inspiring Learning
Arts Education
North Park Wilson School is a Centre of Excellence Through the Arts. At our school, students learn about, through and within the arts. The Saskatchewan arts e​ducation curriculum is taught with integrity and our students have the opportunity to explore and represent their understanding in all subject areas through the arts. The arts provide important ways to teach our students the skills and concepts needed to promote lifelong learning. 
We believe:
  • Our changing world needs students who can think creatively and who collaborate to explore thoughtfully and engage deeply.
  • Our students build their confidence by discovering their full potential through the arts.
  • Artistic learning honours diversity. Our students have a sense of belonging and strong connections to each other and the wider community.
  • Our students identify and voice their understandings, beliefs and interests in a variety of ways.
  • By reaching our students through their heARTS, we are teaching​ compassion, empathy and caring.