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Estey School
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About Our School
​Estey School is home to the Flexible Schedule Blended Learning (FLEX) program for students in grades 6 to 12. The program is for those who would benefit from a flexible schedule, blended learning environment due to their participation in athletic or artistic activities during regular school hours. 

The FLEX program serves two groups of students: 
  • Students who pursue individual or small group skills development outside of traditional school offerings
  • Students who are part of organized teams or sanctioned leagues through provincial organizations. 
Students who attend our school include baseball and basketball players, biathletes, climbers, cross-fitters, dancers, divers, equestrians, gymnasts, hockey players, musicians, pianists, skiers, soccer players, softball players, swimmers, volleyball players, weightlifters, wrestlers and more. The FLEX program is home to the Saskatoon Blades and the Indigenous Sports Academy.

To join the program, students must be enrolled in an activity that requires a flexible schedule due to the significant training hours involved in their athletic or artistic pursuit. If students discontinue their activity after registration, a transition to another school will occur in collaboration with the student within a reasonable timeframe.

For more information​, please contact us​​.​