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Anna-Lise Hodgins
Anna-Lise was born and raised in Saskatoon attending the University of Saskatchewan College of Education.  Being apart of alternative education programs as a student was foundational in giving direction to a career path leading to Ecoquest.  She hopes to continue to provide authentic learning experiences in the outdoors  that contribute to the development of students educational journey.

Tyler Rittinger
Tyler Rittinger spent his youth exploring the southwest corner of the province from Cypress Hills to his grandparents farm near Shaunavon, from the Swift Current Creek to the Great Sandhills.  Teaching in a way that integrates the curriculum and the outdoors has been a long winding process with credit given to many mentors along the way.  He follows his passions for cycling, canoeing, camping and cross-country skiing through teaching as well as with his wife and two young daughters.