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Equipment Required
You must be able to borrow or purchase the following items:
  • day pack
  • appropriate school supplies. ( notebooks, journal, pens, etc.)
  • raingear (coat and pants)
  • 3 season sleeping bag (-9 C)
  • personal clothing for all seasons
  • bike
  • helmet
  • food for all trips
  • cold weather boots
The Ecoquest program has some of the following equipment to loan:
  • tents
  • cookware & stoves
  • backpacks
  • sleeping pads
  • nordic skis
  • outdoor clothing
  • snowshoes
  • paddles and pfd's
  • sleeping bag
Acceptance into this program is not based on the ability to provide all of the required items.

Please contact Tyler Rittinger or Anna-Lise Hodgins, Ecoquest teachers, if you need assistance at 683-7550.