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W.P. Bate School
Inspiring Learning
Greetings from our School's Administrative Team
At W. P. Bate School we offer quality programming for Pre-K to Grade 8 students.  We have great pride in the community we have developed and celebrate the success of our students.  

At our school we believe we achieve together.  We know that by working together we can accomplish many things.  Our school is greatly supported by many organizations who believe in our students.  We work alongside parents and care givers to support the needs of each child.  As well, our staff is dedicated to providing learning opportunities that are challenging and engaging.  We believe all children can achieve with the right supports.

Our school is very diverse, and we celebrate the gifts each child brings to school each day.  Our staff creates a warm and supportive environment and form strong relationships with students.  The quality of learning within classrooms is strong, with an emphasis on students working towards their potential.

Our students are known, valued, and believed in.