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W.P. Bate School
Inspiring Learning
Greetings from our School's Administrative Team
Welcome to W.P. Bate Community School!
No matter where you come from, or whether you are new to our school or not, we hope that this statement is true for you. It is our goal that students, families, staff and community members always feel at home here.
We are proud of our school and the many great things that happen here on a daily basis. Two things most notable about W.P. Bate are our commitment to improving academic performance and our strong community building focus. Our staff continually strives to engage students in their learning and employs creative methods of delivering curricula. Our Community Office works in tandem with our entire staff to provide social, recreational and educational opportunities for our families, building collectively a culture of togetherness and support.
Our school is one of great energy and diversity. We celebrate the gifts that each person brings to our building. We invite you to be a part of all that is "great at Bate