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Traffic Safety at Willowgrove School

March 03, 2014

​I shared parent feedback about traffic safety at a planning meeting with the City of Saskatoon on February 25th. A summary of the notes are posted under the tab "Principal's Update". The title of the update is "Traffic Safety Meeting Notes Feb 25th".

It was a positive meeting, however some of the requests of parents can not be accommodated. The most common parent feedback was to have raised speed bumps on Stensrud Rd. and on other streets around the school. Because these roads are emergency access routes, the speed bumps are not permitted. Police, Fire, and Ambulance all need unobstructed roadways into the neighbourhood.

It was reassuring to hear that the CIty is wiling to work with us throughout next year to change signage as needed. Everyone's top priority will be student safety. If areas around the school are found to be unsafe we will work together to make improvements.