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February Parent Meeting Summary

February 07, 2014

We held two parent meetings on February 10th and 12th.  Board Chair Ray Morrison was at both meetings and provided an update about construction. He explained to parents that the contractor EllisDon is confident the school will be finished on time, but that the school division and the consultants they have hired do not agree. Mr. Morrison indicated he feels the school might not be ready until December. In the event that the school is not ready, alternate arangements will be made for all Willowgrove students. It is likely that they will be kept in classes with their new classmates and their new teacher, but be bused to a neighbourhood school until Willowgrove School is ready. Mr. Morrison explained that the school division is working hard to develop a "plan B" for students and families, and hope to finalize details in the coming weeks.

The staff of WIllowgrove school were also at both meetings, and it was great to be able to introduce them. The message from staff to parents is that we are preparing for a great school in Willowgrove! We are going to move forward with all our planning and be ready to teach students from the Willowgrove area in September.

The majority of the meeting was a chance for parents to sit with staff members and share ideas and input about Willowgrove School. The feedback is posted under the tab "Principal's Update". The staff will be reviewing this information in March and it will be used to help our planning this spring.