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Funds support physical literacy program for special needs students

April 06, 2016

FLSphysicalliteracy_web.jpgEnriching the lives of all students through movement and quality physical education programs is one of the goals of Saskatoon Public Schools.

For students in the Functional Life Skills (FLS) and Autism Support (AS) programs, a focus on functional skills also helps students become as independent as possible in their daily lives. In order to integrate as fully as possible in their communities and maintain healthy lifestyles, it is important that quality movement and fitness programming is an integral part of these programs.

Thanks to the generosity of a Goodlife Kids Foundation grant, approximately 75 students enrolled in the programs will benefit from enhanced, inclusive physical literacy programming. The grant of $8,730 will be used to provide professional development, resources and equipment specific to the meet the needs of these programs.

“The focus of the FLS physical literacy program will be to help these children become as physically literate as possible so they may safely and joyfully navigate a variety of activities and environments, including recreation and sport,” said Cole Wilson physical education consultant with Saskatoon Public Schools.

“This will involve participation in quality, developmentally appropriate movement programs as part of their school day. “

The goal of the program is to see students involved for a total of 150 minutes of physical activity per week, ideally on a daily basis. Students will develop fundamental movement skills that will allow them to explore their environments safely, work co-operatively with others, and hopefully lead to recreational opportunities in the community.

“Through this program I expect that physical activity time will increase due to students being exposed to developmentally appropriate activities and the use of adapted equipment,” Wilson said, “and teachers will be better prepared to deliver quality, joyful movement experiences competently and confidently.”