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Walter Murray Collegiate
Inspiring Learning

Jump in With Both Feet!

The Outdoor School Program is open to any Grade 11 student who has the required prerequisite credits (Science 10 and English 10).  

Application Procedures:

  1.  Applications must include contact information for three teacher referrals that indicate an acceptable level of personal responsibility to participate in the program.
  2.  Qualified applicants will be put into a lottery.
  3.  Priority will be given to Saskatoon Public School students. Qualified students from outside of the division will be considered if there are vacant spots.
  4.  All students who apply will either be accepted to the program, or placed on a waiting list.
  5.  Students will be informed about the status of their application prior to June 1.

Complete  the electronic application form

Contact the teachers of the Outdoor School if you have any questions.

Application packages will also be available from the Student Services office in each Saskatoon Public Schools' collegiate.