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Sylvia Fedoruk School
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​​​School playground project receives funding through City of Saskatoon

March 01, 2017

Playgrounds.jpgPlans for the development of new playgrounds at Sylvia Fedoruk School have received a financial contribution from the City of Saskatoon.

City council has approved a total contribution of $800,000 to support the building of play structures at the four integrated school sites currently under construction in the city. Each of the sites includes one public and one separate school for a total of eight schools, meaning Sylvia Fedoruk School will receive $100,000 in funding toward playground equipment.

The funds from the city will complement the fundraising efforts being undertaken by members of our school community in order to purchase and erect playground structures. More information about our school's fundraising efforts will be available in the near future.

The City of Saskatoon's funds for the playground equipment come from a contingency fund that resulted from a community centre levy that was included as part of the development costs in the Evergreen neighbourhood. The levy was put in place in order to ensure the neighbourhood would have community recreation space and opportunities. Although located on school property the playgrounds will provide recreation opportunities for our entire neighbourhood outside of school hours.

The cost of purchasing and installing playground structures for new schools is not included as part of the construction budget for the joint-use school.

Work on Sylvia Fedoruk School as part of the Evergreen joint-use school project is on schedule according to the latest report received by the Board of Education. Interior painting and finishes along with mechanical and electrical work are scheduled for the coming months, with the facility expected to be ready for service in June. The first day of classes at the new school will be Tuesday, Sept. 5.