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New street address adds another chapter to school's century-long history

March 30, 2017

sutherlandschool_news.jpgThere was no need to pack up students, desks and books for the move when Sutherland School changed its address.

For more than a century the school's address was 1008 Egbert Avenue, despite the fact that the main doors of the current school building constructed in 1960 faced 111th Street. It was a situation that sometimes caused confusion for visitors when they were searching for the main entrance to the building.

The change in address came about through a request made to the City of Saskatoon. Following approval of the request in March the civic address of the school is now 211 – 111th Street.

The Egbert Avenue address was a legacy of the long history of Sutherland School at its present-day site, beginning with a one-room school in 1909. That was followed in 1913 by a two-storey, castle-style school that faced Egbert Avenue.

When the current school building was constructed in 1960 it was located right next to the castle-style school. Despite the fact that the main entrance of the new building faced 111th Street the new school inherited the address of its predecessor.

The castle school, which was located approximately where the school's playground structure currently sits, was demolished in 1967 after the building was condemned due to a weakened structure.

Sutherland School students in front of the school in 1926. (Wikimedia Commons Photo)