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New logo represents a connection with our community, school history

September 27, 2018

Sutherlandlogo_news.jpgSutherland School went back in time in order to create a fresh, new look for the school.

A crest discovered in the school archives served as the inspiration for a new logo that was unveiled at the start of the school year.

The logo, which features a crest with the school name and a bold "S" on a background of green and gold, illustrates a number of connections for the school, its history, the Sutherland neighbourhood and the broader community, says Principal Colette Delainey.

"The crest represents Sutherland, first and foremost, but with us being so close to the University of Saskatchewan campus we thought we would tap into that school/varsity feel," she said. "Education is so important, and if we can foster a connection to post-secondary education among our students and community it will have a positive impact."

The school and neighbourhood are named after William Charles Sutherland so the prominent use of the "S" in the logo is a good fit, but the letter also represents a connection to Saskatoon and Saskatchewan, and even the logo of the Saskatchewan Roughriders!

"It is hard to not have a sense of hometown pride in this province without thinking of the letter S," Delainey notes.

The new-look logo has received a positive reaction from students and staff who will soon be wearing T-shirts and other apparel to show their school spirit and pride. It adorns the cover of the students' day planners, the school website and parent portal and will be on a new banner for the school gymnasium.

"Our school was established in 1913, so it is nice to go back and bring a new spin on a well-established logo. One hundred and five years is a long time to be a school and having a retro logo reminds us of where we are coming from."