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École Silverspring School
Inspiring Learning
French Immersion

Silverspring School is home to a kindergarten to Grade 8 French Immersion program that began in September 2019, alongside the school’s established English program. 

Our French Immersion program serves the following neighbourhoods: Aspen Ridge, Evergreen, Silverspring and Willowgrove. Students from these neighbourhoods only will receive busing to Silverspring School, unless they live within walking distance of the school.

French Immersion programming is provided through authentic learning environments and engaging linguistic experiences.  Students will participate in diverse learning experiences both in and out of the classroom. 

Students typically enter the French Immersion program in Kindergarten or Grade 1. The reason being is the foundations of French language are taught in kindergarten and Grade 1, which informs all French learning in later grades. Without this base established early on, students are less likely to be successful. French Immersion programming is a parent choice and our program is open to all students and families. Our goal is for students to be successful in the program and to develop French and English bilingualism and the most successful pathway for students is when they join early.