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École River Heights School
Inspiring Learning
French Immersion

We offer a French Immersion program that begins in Kindergarten.  The French Immersion program:

  • is designed for students whose first language is not French
  • does not require parents and guardians to speak French in order to enroll their children
  • uses French as the primary language of instruction and communication in the school
  • offers a comprehensive French education allowing for the personal development of students
  • increases French language learning competence while also developing student's English skills
  • provides free, two-way school bus transportation for students in Lawson Heights, Silverwood, City Park and North Park Wilson in most cases.
  • French Immersion is offered at local high school (Marion Graham Collegiate)

Have You Considered French Immersion for your child?

Knowing a Second Language Can:

  • increase your child's personal pleasures, such as the enjoyment of literature, art, music, theatre, travel and, personal relationships;
  • increase your child's understanding of and respect for other people, languages, and other cultures;
  • help your child to understand more about him/herself, his/her country and his/her fellow Canadians; 
  • give your child access to a larger pool of information and to more educational and career opportunities;
  • give your child a competitive edge in the job market anywhere in Canada and in many other countries.

French Immersion Kindergarten Q & A's

What can I expect with respect to my child's oral language development in Kindergarten

Children in French Immersion learn to speak French much the same way as they learned their maternal language. They listen for a long time and imitate the teacher before they start to talk on their own. In the beginning, children start speaking quickly by using individual words, then by using a few phrases. By the end of the year, many students are communicating with the teacher regarding school related activities and age appropriate experiences using acquired basic French vocabulary and sentence structures. Children will pass through these stages at different rates depending on each child's personality. 

When will my child receive English Language Arts instructions?

Your child will receive formal English language instruction in Grade 3.  In Grade 3, your child will be taught approximately 20% of the time in English, learning in the English Language Arts curriculum.  The percentages of time spent in English Language Arts gradually increases with each subsequent grade level.

This does not mean that your child will not read in English until he/she is in Grade 3.  As a French Immersion Kindergarten student, your child will be taught to read simple repetitive French texts and beginning reading skills.  Skills such as reading left to right, understanding concepts of print, decoding skills, punctuation, prediction skills, picture clues, visualization, etc.  Each year thereafter, more literacy skills are taught in French.  All of these skills will transfer from reading in French to reading in English. Many children will be reading in English before grade 3.  You can help your child as well by reading with them and talking about the stories and information in books.

We do not speak English at home.  Do we need to start?

You may have never considered this, but you are always "teaching" your child language skills at home, in any language.  Every interaction you have with your child is an opportunity to learn.  It is your decision if you choose not to speak your maternal language with your child.  However, please know that children with strong language skills in their maternal language, more readily learn additional languages. 


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