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Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child have to be to attend Kindergarten?

Registration begins in January for the next school year. Children must be five years old by January 31 of the school year they will be attending Kindergarten. For example, if your child will be five years old by January 31, 2021, s/he can start Kindergarten in the fall of 2020.

When should I register my child for Kindergarten?

You can register your child beginning in January of the school year your child will be attending Kindergarten. Call or visit your local public school. Many of our schools offer parent information evenings and tours in January each year. Our principals are always available to answer any questions you have about registration. You are welcome to call or drop in to any of our schools at any time. We'd love to see you!

Later in the spring, our schools offer orientation sessions and a "sneak peek" at Kindergarten for families and their children. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to explore their new classroom and for parents to begin their relationship with the Kindergarten teacher and staff at the school.

We understand the importance of early learning and literacy. Our Kindergarten classes are small to encourage individualized education. Our Literacy for Life initiative includes a strong literacy component in Kindergarten. When it comes to supporting literacy, Saskatoon Public Schools is a leader!

Does Saskatoon Public Schools have French Immersion Kindergarten?

Yes. Seven of our elementary schools offer French Immersion. French is the language of instruction and communication in the school setting. Our French Immersion program is structured so that children learn French and English skills and follow the same curricula as all other students in the province. Our French Immersion elementary schools are École Alvin Buckwold, École College Park, École Forest Grove, École Henry Kelsey, École Victoria, École River Heights and École Lakeview. For more information on our French Immersion program please click here.

Do I have a choice of full-day or half-day Kindergarten?

Yes, Saskatoon Public Schools offers half-day everyday, full-day every other day, French Immersion, and the Nehiyawiwin Cree Language and Culture Kindergarten Program. For more information on our Kindergarten programs click here.

We are dedicated to jump starting your child's education with our focus on literacy. Visit your local public school to find out how we inspire learning!

How do I register at Saskatoon Public Schools?

Welcome to Saskatoon Public Schools. We look forward to meeting you and your child/children! Students are registered at the school in their neighbourhood. Registration forms are available at the school or on the school's website.

Students who are new to Saskatoon Public Schools, and who do not speak English as their first language, should register through our Newcomer Student Centre located at 310 21st Street in down town Saskatoon. Please call (306) 683-8400 for an appointment.

We offer free public education for all students. Our elementary schools offer Kindergarten to Grade 8 for ages 5 to 13. Our high schools (collegiates) offer Grades 9 to 12 for ages 14 to 21.

Students can register at any time during the school year (September to June). When you enroll your children, you must provide the school principal with documentation that verifies their age. One of the following documents may be used:

  • Certificate of Birth;

  • Baptismal Certificate;

  • Passport;

  • Status Card.

For children who have moved from another school, it's a good idea to bring any documents from their last school (i.e. report cards) that will help our staff determine in what grade to place them. A student's language ability, age, prior schooling and future goals are considered when determining placement in schools. Some students, whose first language is not English, may need help with English as an Additional Language (EAL). Staff at our Newcomer Student Centre will determine if support is needed, and then make the necessary arrangements.

The individual school principal is responsible for the decision on the admission of students to schools.

What if I am a permanent resident?

If your family has been granted a confirmation of permanent residence, your children can register in our schools. Please bring your documentation from Citizen and Immigration Canada to our Newcomer Student Centre when registering.

What if I am in Canada on a study or work permit?

If you have entered Canada on either a study (for full time studies only) or a work permit, you may register your children in our schools without having to pay a tuition fee. Please bring your documentation (study or work permit) from Citizenship and Immigration Canada to your appointment at our Newcomer Student Centre.

Canada's Immigration and Refugee Protection Act allows students (who are not Canadian citizens) accompanying their parents who have study or work permits to attend our schools.

Study permits for parents will be accepted only if the following criteria are met: (1) The parents' study is for at least one year, and (2) The area of study is more substantial than English alone. This means if parents are taking only English as an Additional Language (EAL) classes, their children have to enroll with our division through the Saskatoon International High School Program and pay a tuition fee. For more information about the International High School Program please visit

What if I am in Canada as a visitor?

If you have been issued a visitor record by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, you must pay a tuition fee for your children to attend our schools. When you register your children at the school, please bring your passports to verify your visitor status as well as the date of birth of your children.

How does Saskatoon Public Schools meet my child's special needs?

Intensive Supports funding is provided by the Ministry of Education for students receiving intensive educational programs and supports who are identified as:

  • Visually impaired;

  • Hearing impaired;

  • Intellectually disabled;

  • Mental Health impairment;

  • Orthopaedic disability;

  • Pervasive development disorder;

  • Physical health impairment;

  • Prenatal substance exposure;

  • Substance related disorders;

  • Multiply disabled and;

  • Other: Diagnosed

For more information on our Special Education Programs click here.

Are there services offered at the preschool level for students with intensive needs?

Yes. The research is clear that early intervention is very beneficial for children with disabilities, and Saskatoon Public Schools work with other agencies to provide a variety of services for our preschool students. We have two congregated preschools and a Therapeutic Preschool. In addition, we offer support in community preschools through our Preschool Support Program where students with disabilities are provided with an Educational Assistant and consultative support.

Who can we contact for more information?

Call the Special Education office at (306) 683-8332.

Can I donate used technology to the school division?
We recognize the importance of technology in our schools and its role in educating 21st century learners.  That's why SPS ensures that all technology in the hands of our teachers and students is current, reliable and fully serviceable by our dedicated staff.  As a result, we are constantly refreshing our equipment to ensure the same quality and abundance that you'd find in any modern organization, and respectfully decline the offer of donated/used technology.
However, every few years, SPS finds itself in the same position as your organization, where we have equipment that's ready for replacement but still has some potential value for a charitable organization or environmentally-friendly recycling.  If you're interested, please consider Think Recycle at, where all items are safely and responsibly processed in Canada and you can repurpose/recycle your equipment in an ethical, environmentally-friendly manner