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Lawson Heights School
Inspiring Learning

LHS 3.jpgLawson Heights School offers a full-day, alternate day Kindergarten program. For the 2020-2021 school year, we have two kindergarten classes: Monday, Wednesday and alternate Fridays; Tuesday, Thursday and alternate Fridays.

Beginning in September 2022, Lawson Heights School will offer a full-day, alternating day kindergarten class that will both focus on nature-based learning. The program will provide learners with indoor and outdoor experiences that nurture emotional, physical, and academic development while fostering curiosity and wonder.

Nature-based learning involves experiences in, about, and for the outdoors. All students will benefit from exploring the curriculum with this lens. This approach to curricular learning includes a range of educational practices linked to improved academic achievement, holistic wellness, personal development, and environmental stewardship in students.

These practices include a combination of:

  • Outdoor learning experiences;
  • Nature-focused inquiry (in and out of the classroom);
  • A play-based, nature immersion approach;
  • Ecological education
  • Indigenous Land-based learning;
  • Place-based Learning.

Outdoor and indoor learning environments collectively support child development. Our program will support students as they build language and communication skills, learn to co-operate with others, make new friendships, and prepare for future learning in the school environment.

For more information about  kindergarten at Lawson Heights School please contact the school at 306-683-7340 or