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Greystone Heights School
Inspiring Learning
English As An Additional Language

Greystone Heights School serves a large number of students who are learning English as an Additional Language (EAL).

Those students are served by three qualified EAL teachers.  We used a mixed service delivery model that combines students being pulled from their regular classroom for instruction in English (reading, writing, speaking) and classroom teachers using effective strategies to support the students during regular instruction.

A student's initial language assessment helps staff guide their learning and provide the appropriate level of intensive English-language instruction outside of regular classroom instruction. As students progress in their acquisition and understanding of the language, they spend more time in their regular classroom.

Students who are new to Canada (from all countries including English-speaking countries) must register at the Newcomer Student Centre at the Saskatoon Public Schools board office. The Newcomer Student Centre is located at 310-21st Street East. To make an appointment please call 306-683-8400.