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Fairhaven School
Inspiring Learning
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About our School
Fairhaven School Is:
  • A Centre of Excellence for Early Learning consisting of a pre-kindergarten for 3 and 4-year-old children, a vibrant kindergarten program, and Preston Early Learning Day Care. Our staff members take specialized training to support an inquiry-based model in their classrooms.
  • Part of an innovative program to improve student engagement in literacy by using arts education strategies

Fast facts about Fairhaven School:

  • Respectful and Peaceful School: Our students are very respectful. This leads to a peaceful school climate. Visitors to our school frequently notice students opening doors for others, greeting adults in our building courteously, and generally showing kindness.
  • Forging Strong Bonds: We believe in strong communication between the home and the school. Our staff use various communication platforms to keep parents apprised of learning objectives and projects in the classroom. 
  • Diversity and Cultural Responsiveness: Fairhaven is fortunate to have a diverse student population representing over 20 different cultural groups. Our students -- regardless of their cultural background -- say they feel respected in our school.
  • Community Engagement: Our School Community Council and Parent Council are highly involved in what happens at Fairhaven School. Our parents are engaged in curricular matters. They provide guidance when we plan our school goals and when we develop priority areas of focus and growth. Our parents help actualize our planning document through shared ownership and through active involvement in implementing action plans. Together, we have planned several information evenings for our families and have held special educational events for our learning community. Typically, over 200 people attend these information evenings and events.
  • Green Values: Our students and staff members possess a strong desire to lessen our carbon footprint. We monitor our energy and water usage with the aim of reducing our consumption. We have won numerous awards for our green projects. Students from our classes have been invited to speak about their sustainability research projects.
  • Opportunities for Student Leadership: Our student leadership team provides students with opportunities to develop their leadership skills by developing activities and special events for our student population.
  • Valuing the Arts: Our school has an art education specialist on staff for students from grades K to 8. Students are immensely proud of their skill development in this area.
  • Character Education: Character education is embedded in our teaching. Students frequently revisit character virtues with their teachers.
  • Supporting all Learners: We have three resource teachers. They work co-operatively with classroom teachers to support students learning.
  • Offering Options: We offer a variety of extra-curricular programs that take place before school, at noon, or after school. Some of these options include team sports for the middle years students. A variety of noon hour clubs are offered at different times throughout the year, which appeal to diverse student interests.
  • Newly renovated pre-kindergarten classrooms
  • Staff with specialties in art, physical education, music and early childhood education