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Online Learning
Saskatoon Public Schools offers the opportunity to take a full-credit course using the internet as the primary means of communication between the teacher and students. Our courses are based on a semester system. Semester 1 begins early September and ends in mid-January. Semester 2 begins late January and ends in mid-June.

Students wishing to register for an online course must be self-motivated, be a good independent learner, and have the time available to participate in their course on a daily basis. Students should also be aware that online courses typically require more time than taking a course by traditional face-to-face instruction, and can be more challenging due to the independent nature of the learning. Due to the limited number of spots available, it is important to be sure that you possess the time and skills necessary to be successful.
If you wish to register for an online course, and currently attend an SPS collegiate, please meet with a guidance counsellor to discuss online learning. If you have any program questions please call (306) 683-8313. Our general policy is to limit student registrations to one class per semester.
For more information please visit the Online Learning Centre website.