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Registration Process

Here is the 2023/34 Registration Form City Park - Registration Form Montessori 2023-24.pdf 

Wait lists are kept when spots are filled. Montessori philosophy and methodology is a unique approach to education. 

Registration Process 2023-24

  • Students with or without previous Montessori experience are welcome to register
  • Previous Montessori experience is important and is an asset at the Upper Elementary (grades 4–6) and Middle Years levels (grades 7-8)
  • SPS Montessori Registration forms must be completed and submitted before Friday, March 31, 2023.
    *Late registrations will be considered if space remains in the program after the waiting list is exhausted

Random Selection (Lottery) of students will occur April 3, 2023 if required.

  • Families will be notified of registration status one way or the other shortly after the lottery
  • Registration forms need to be re-submitted on an annual basis
  • Preference is given to all students who reside within city of Saskatoon limits
  • Montessori grade 1 will be an open lottery for all students regardless of previous school experience (Private or Public)
  • Preference will be given to students who attend Saskatoon Public Schools for admission into the Montessori grades 2-8

Enrolment Limits and Random Selection Process:

City Park School has limited classroom space for expansion in 2023-24.  If more students register for our Montessori Program than we are able to accommodate, the following process will be followed.

Selection of students through random selection (Lottery)

  • As many students as possible will be accepted up to enrolment limits
  • Each class will be determined through lottery in keeping with the following criteria:
    • In order to maintain the integrity of the Montessori methodology, each class will be balanced with students with previous Montessori experience
    • Age (grade) balance in each classroom when possible
    • Consideration for siblings currently enrolled in the program (if possible)
    • A waiting list at each age level will be established through the lottery process