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In Ecoquest, it is our mission to challenge each student to reach his or her full intellectual, emotional, social and physical potential through an exciting integrated experiential curriculum. We strive to create a diverse learning community that fosters mutual respect through environmental and social responsibility and activism. It is our hope that through the Ecoquest experience, students will strengthen their connection and appreciation of the natural world by spending quality time in nature.


Our Objectives

Students in the Ecoquest Outdoor Classroom develop:

1.A strong sense of community with fellow classmates, teachers, and community partners.
2.An ability to think critically about ecological, cultural, and community issues.
3.A greater knowledge and appreciation of the History of Saskatchewan and its relationship to Canadian and global issues.
4.A greater awareness of Social Justice issues.
5.Cultural awareness and appreciation.
6.Greater knowledge and appreciation of the fragility of Saskatchewan's natural environment and ecological regions.
7.A heightened sense of accomplishment, confidence, and self worth.
8.Leadership, risk management, and cooperative group skills that are necessary in adventure education.
9.A responsible attitude towards learning and problem solving.
10.Growth in positive communication and observational skills.
11.Improved research, writing, and presentation skills.
12.A dedication to physical fitness and healthy lifestyles.
13.Skills that underlie academic excellence and achievement in all subject areas.