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City Park School
Inspiring Learning
How To Apply
The Saskatoon Public School Division, along with City Park School provide the teachers, facilities, and some of the required gear. Students are required to pay a $200.00 fee to cover the costs of transportation, supplies, and required operational expenses. Acceptance into the program is not based on the ability to pay. If payment poses any difficulty, please contact Rebecca Elson or Tyler Rittinger, the Ecoquest teachers at 683-7550.
How To Apply
The application will be posted here shortly....
If printing the registration form, please print on legal paper.
Read all the instructions carefully and have your teacher send the school referral form through the school mail.
Students are asked to:
Complete the application thoroughly with support from your parent(s) or guardian(s). Carefully write a word processed one-page letter which explains why you feel you belong in the Ecoquest program.
All completed applications must be received in person or mail to City Park School, 820 9th Avenue North, Saskatoon SK S7K 2Z2 by the application deadline of April 8th at 4:00 pm. No application will be accepted after this date. Students will be notified of their status by e-mail during the first week of June based on the one listed for the "First Parent/Guardian" on the registration form.
The Ecoquest program demands a high level of commitment, responsibility and independence. It is for this reason that a student's application must reflect a responsible, mature and cooperative approach to learning. A healthy lifestyle is an important prerequisite as students must be capable of physically rigorous activity.
Selection Process:

Students are eligible for the selection process based on completeness of the application package: student registration form, student essay, school evaluation, student self-assessment. The school evaluation and student essay will be assessed by the committee made up of teachers and administrators. All applicants meeting the eligibility will be put into a random lottery.  After random selection all students will be notified of their status by mail.