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Brunskill School offers a vibrant learning environment. Our staff embrace the use of powerful, instructional strategies and tools to facilitate learning. When you walk our halls, you will see a consistent buzz of activity as students engage in learning with their teachers and peers. It's definitely a fun place to be!

We are proud of our school and the many great things that happen here on a daily basis. The staff work tirelessly to ensure a strong learning atmosphere, where all students are held to high standards and are valued members of the learning community. We support both staff and students in the important work they do.​

We are excited to get to know our families both old and new, as well as connect with the community as a whole. A strong relationship with families and community members is integral to the success of the learning that takes place for us at the school. Please consider getting involved at the school either as a volunteer, School Community Council member, or member of the home and school fundraising body. We need your support too!