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Bedford Road Collegiate
Inspiring Learning
PHOTOGRAPHY 10                                                                              Prerequisite:  None.
Photo 10 is intended to expose you to the wonderful world of photography.  You will have the opportunity to expand your knowledge and abilities through direct personal experience.  This will include practicing your photo shooting skills using a camera as well as learning helpful strategies such as framing, angles, and composition that can contribute to the success of your photo.  You will be introduced to the exposure triangle and have the opportunity to experiment with how adjusting the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed effect the photo captured.  Further, you will be invited to develop your photo editing skills using software technology in our newly updated computer lab.  Some of these skills will include playing with colour and texture, transforming a photograph into a pencil drawing, and so much more.  By the conclusion of this course, you will have spent countless hours shooting photographs, manipulating them on a computer, and will have created a portfolio of work that you are sure to be proud of!  
PHOTO 20 – YEARBOOK                                                                                 Prerequisite:  None.
Photo 20 is a special opportunity for you to gain school credit as an engaged practitioner of the art of photography.  In this class, you will integrate editing and photo shooting skills towards a unique goal – a major publication: The Bedford Road Yearbook.  If you have taken Photo 10, that will be an asset but if not, you can still be highly successful in this course.  With a sophisticated digital SLR camera you will explore studio photography, photojournalism, and more.  Further, you will be faced with the exciting challenge of manipulating photographs, using computer software, towards building yearbook pages that feature our school’s diverse landscape – including teams, clubs, etc.  There are many facets to the yearbook and you will be encouraged to follow your interests while developing your talents in the field of photography, in a supportive classroom environment, as we create the best yearbook yet.  Note: the hours you put in towards this credit will take place at lunch and after school – over both semesters - as you cover events, learn layout and complete your work for the yearbook.  Therefore, it does not conflict with regular schedule classes.