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Waskawīwin Land-Based Education


LBE1.jpgThe WaskawÄ«win Land-Based Education program at Bedford Road Collegiate sees Grade 9 students and teachers use an environmental approach to learning that recognizes a deep connection and relationship to their place in the world and to the land. This approach acknowledges that knowing and learning occurs through the cultivation and observation of the relationship between people and the land. 

Students learn together over a term/semester and receive credits in English language arts and physical, health and career education. Students develop methods to show their learning in a variety of ways and build on their skills to become engaged community leaders. There is a strong emphasis on using Saskatchewan’s diverse landscape and the natural world to enhance student learning and bring the curriculum to life. 

Students take part in a variety of activities, which may include daily bike trips, canoeing, walking and field trips. These activities allow students to experience areas in and around Saskatoon that enhance the curriculum and increase student understanding of their place in, and the impact they can have on, their immediate surroundings and the global community.


  • Learn in an alternative setting.
  • Be active, explore the outdoors and connect to the land.
  • Develop and foster new relationships and skills to become engaged members of the community.


  • English Language Arts A and B 
  • Physical, health and career education


The WaskawÄ«win Land-Based Education program is open to current Grade 8 students entering Grade 9 in September 2023. Students must apply to be considered for the program.

Apply online here or click on the green button to the right. 


For questions, please contact Faye Laliberte at or Kirk Gordon at

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