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What is an EduCamp? ​​

​The goal of the Saskatoon EduCamp is to bring together, for a morning, people who are passionate about teaching and learning and can see the powerful ways technology can deepen and enhance learning. This opportunity will also allow teachers to consider how technology can support acheiving goals established within their teacher learning groups, departments or CIT's. Each person who attends is expected to talk about something or volunteer (registration, set-up, teardown, etc.). 

Our Theme this year will be Digital Citizenship.​

There will be a number of sessions which will be picked by the attendees at the start of the day. Attendees should bring any gadgets they have: laptop, mobile/smart phone, tablet, camera, laser pointer, etc. 

EduCamp Pa​rticipants are the Presenters 

Everybody at an EduCamp is actively involved somehow. Here's a list of ideas on ways to participate: 
  • Give a presentation! 
  • Help out with a presentation 
  • Publish notes of a presentation 
  • Take pictures at the event 
  • Talk about the event 
  • Blog about the event 
  • Tweet about the event 
  • Make sure others know about the event
  • Help with setup and cleanup 

When and Wh​ere 

T​he Saskatoon EduCamp will take place on Saturday, October 18, 2014 from 9:00am - 1:00pm (tentative) at Evan Hardy Collegiate. Each classroom is equipped with a data projector. There will be ample wireless internet access available. 


To Be Determined.... Check back often for updates! 
The day will run from 9am until 1pm


Consultants, Coordinators and Superintendents will be in attendance from Staff Development, Collegiate Renewal, Literacy for Life, and Information Systems to support this morning. Administrators from both elementary schools and collegiates will also be participating the morning.

How Much D​oes it Cost? 

The Saskatoon EduCamp is free for SPS staff. However, if you plan to attend you need to sign up so we can gauge how many will attend. 

How do I Stay U​p to Date? ​

Keep returning to this site. Topics suggested by the participants and that participants are willing to share will be posted on this site. 

 How do I Sign Up? 

If you want to attend, you must register using the link to the right.. Let us know what topics you are interested in hearing or talking about on your registitration form or by emailing us ( 

What Do You Want to Hear or Talk Abo​ut?

At the Saskatoon EduCamp, anyone can present. In fact, presenting is actively encouraged. Talks can be as short or as long as you like. You can use slides, a web connection, or forgo slides altogether. Talks can be technical or non-technical. The SPS Fall Unconference is about sharing information. Our Theme this year will be Digital Citizenship. Let us know what you would like to hear about and if you would like share something when you register or by emailing us (

 *Note: You do not have to speak at this conference, but you should be willing to participate in the discussions (if you know something about what is being talked about or if you have questions). ​