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Online Learning Secondary
Inspiring Learning
2022 - 2023 OLS Course Offerings

2022 – 2023 Online Learning Secondary Course Offerings (as of May 15/22)


Grade 9Semester 2Quarter 3Quarter 4
ELA 09
Mathematics 09 (Full Year)x
Science 09
Art 09
PED 09 / Careers 09
ELB 09x
Social Studies 09x
PAAS 09x
PED 09 / Health 09x

Grade 10Semester 2Quarter 3Quarter 4
ELA 10x
ELA 10 (Gaming Lens)x
ELB 10x
Wellness 10x
History 10x
Math Foundations Pre-Calculus 10x
Math Workplace Apprentice 10x
Visual Arts 10x
Information Processing 10x
Accounting 10x
Photography 10 (Smartphone)x
Drafting 10x
Core French 10x
Science 10​​x
Grade 11Semester 2Quarter 3Quarter 4
ELA 20x
ELA 20 (Anti-Oppressive/Anti Racist Lens)x
Health Science 20x
Physical Science 20x
Environmental Science 20x
Computer Science 20x
History 20x
Math Foundations 20x
Math Pre-Calculus 20x
Math Workplace Apprentice 20x
Visual Arts 20x
Photography 20x

Digital Graphic Arts 20x

Communication Media 20x

Accounting 20x

Creative Writing 20x
Core French 20x
Financial Literacy 20x

Grade 12Semester 2Quarter 3Quarter 4
ELA 30xxx
ELB 30xxx
History 30xxx
Indigenous Studies 30x
Psychology 30x

Law 30x

Communication Media 30x

Accounting 30x

Life Transitions 30x

Creative Writing 30x
Math Foundations 30x
Math Workplace Apprentice 30x
Math Pre-Calculus 30x
Calculus 30x
Physics 30x
Chemistry 30x
Biology 30x
Computer Science 30x
Core French 30x
Career & Work Exploration A30 (afternoon)x
Career & Work Exploration B30 (afternoon)x
Financial Literacy 30x

Mental Wellness 30x
Visual Art 30x
Grades 10 to 12 French ImmersionSemester 2Quarter 3Quarter 4
Francais 10 FIx
Francais 20 FIx
Francais 30 FIx
Histoire 10 FIx
Histoire 20 FIx
Sciences Sociales 30 FIx
Tourisme 10 FIx
Tourisme 20 FIx
Alimentation 10 FIx
Alimentation 20 FIx
Alimentation 30 FIx
Francais Integre A20 FIx
Francais Integre B20 FIx