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German 10/20/30
Description:  German 10 is an on-line language course designed for beginners; no previous knowledge of German is expected.  (Students with some background may wish to take a placement test with the instructor and enter German 20.)  The student is required to participate in listening, speaking, reading, watching and writing activities on a regular basis and will practice his/her speaking skills through Skype / Telephone conversations as well.  By the end of this course the student will be able to introduce himself/herself, conduct a casual conversation, converse about introductory subjects like family, school, hobbies, weather, holidays/travel and understand simple directions in German.
By successfully completing this course, you may be eligible to participate in a three month exchange with a student in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.
Units of Study
1.        My Home (family, personal details, numbers, letters)
2.       My Hobbies (daily & seasonal activities, weekly routine, likes & dislikes)
3.       School (subjects, activities and items at school, giving directions & descriptions)
4.       Travel (buildings, weather, recounting recent events)
German 20 and 30 are also available for students who wish to continue improving their German language skills.
Required Textbook:  There is no required textbook for the class.
Recommended:  German/English dictionary
Additional Requirements:  App/Program to record voice/video