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Financial Literacy 20 (Coming Fall 2022)

money.jpgStudents make financial decisions every day. Every purchase they make and every dollar they save, are examples of financial decisions, that affect their current, and future lives. Instilling students with foundational knowledge, and skills in financial literacy, will help them approach basic, and complex issues associated with financial decisions. 

The purpose of Financial Literacy is to develop informed consumers with the habits, attitudes, and critical thinking skills necessary, to approach financial decisions with competence and confidence, both now and in their future lives. 

The Areas of Focus for Financial Literacy are: 

  • Earning; 
  • Saving; 
  • Spending; 
  • Borrowing; 
  • Sharing; 
  • Investing; and 
  • Protecting.

The curriculum and this course, addresses financial issues and decisions, that students may already be facing.  It also  highlights other issues they are likely to face in the first few years beyond high school. In addition, it touches upon more complex issues such as home ownership, debt management, and retirement planning, which are part of a lifelong financial journey.