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English Language Arts 20

Prerequisite: ELA 10A and 10B


Description: The English Language Arts 20 course is organized around themes that are of interest to adolescents and that focus on self, society, and what it means to be human. Students will study novels (one independent), non-fiction, drama, short stories, poetry and film and media. Recollection --A Journey Back: Sub themes include: Innocence and Experience, Family and Peer Relationships, School and Education, Wonder and Imagination, Triumphs and Defeats. Anticipation--On the Threshold: Sub themes include: Roles and Responsibilities, Choices and Commitments, Perspectives and Passages, Values and Goals.
Resource List: The following required books can be purchased from:

Central Resource Centre
Saskatoon Public Schools
      3rd floor
      310 - 21st Street East
    By: Richard Wagamese
    ISBN-13: 978-0-385-66283-3


    By: Tennesee Williams
Additional Requirements:
E-Mail - that handles attachments.
Current Browser (Java Enabled)
Internet Access
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Word Processor Software
    {Preferred Software - Microsoft Office}
Flash Player, Shockwave Player and Windows Media Player