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English Language Arts A10

Prerequisite: ELA 9A and 9B


Description: ELA 10A explores human dimensions relative to important understandings, issues, and insights into human nature, value and belief systems, the social condition, the natural and constructed worlds, technology, and the history of humanity. Foundational stories, poetry, fiction/non-fiction novels and a modern play will be covered.
Outcomes will explain what students will learn and will specify the skills, strategies, abilities, and understandings students are expected to be able to demonstrate. This course provides opportunities for students to view, listen, read, speak, write, and use other forms of representing. This course provides opportunities for inquiry learning, social responsibility, personal agency (acting to make something better) and self-reflection.
Resource List:
    By: William Gibson
    ISBN: 978-1-4165-9084-2  


  • Fiction and Non-Fiction Novel (students will be required to purchase or borrow from the public or school library two novels from a list of choices given at the start of the course)  
Additional Requirements:
E-Mail - that handles attachments (preferably not Hotmail)
Current Browser (Java Enabled)
Internet Access
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Word Processor Software 
    {Preferred Software - Microsoft Office}
Flash Player, Shockwave Player and Windows Media Player