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Our Course Offerings 2020-2021 (Subject To Change)
​​​English Language Arts
Creative Writing 20 Mr. Dan Clarke
Creative Writing 30 Mr. Jordan McMurtry
ELA A10 Mr. Dan Clarke
​ELA B10 Mr. Jordan McMurtry
​ELA 20 Mr. Jordan McMurtry
​ELA A30 Mr. Dan Clarke
​ELA B30 Mr. Jordan McMurtry
Journalism 20 (1st Semester) Mr. Mitch Lowe
​Second Language
German 10 / 20 / 30 (1st semester)​
Mr. James Funk​ Ens
​Wellness/Physical Education
Wellness 10 (special permission)
Mr. Jason Schneider

Math 10 Workplace & Apprentice Mr. Sherry Vetter
​Math 10 Foundations & Pre-Calculus Mr. Dan Ouellet​
Math 20 Pre-Calculus
​Ms. Sherry Vetter / Mr. David Dean
Mathématiques Pré-Calcul 20 (2nd semester) Mr. Dan Ouellet​
Math 20 Foundations Mr. Dan Ouellet​
Math 20 Workplace & Apprentice Mr. Bryan Craig
Math 30 Workplace & Apprentice Mr. Bryan Craig
Math 30 Pre-Calculus
Mr. David Dean
Math 30 Foundations ​Mr. Bryan Craig / Ms. Sherry Vetter​​
 Calculus 30 (2nd semester) Ms. Sherry Vetter​​
​Science 10
Ms. Susan Campbell
Physical Sciences 20 (1st semester)   
Ms. Susan Campbell
Biology 30
Ms. Susan Campbell
Chemistry 30 Mr. Bryan Craig
Computer Science 20 Mr. Ken Desjardine
Computer Science 30 Mr. Stefan Scott​
Physics 30 Ms. Angeline Esler
​​Social Sciences
History 30 Mr. Ken Desjardine
​Native Studies 30
Mr. Ken Desjardine
Law 30 Mr. Ken Desjardine
Geography 30 (1st semester)
Mr. Mitch Lowe
Psychology 30
Ms. Angeline Esler
​​Practical and Applied Arts
Accounting 10 Mr. Jason Schnieder
Accounting 20 Mr. Jason Schnieder
Accounting 30 ​Mr. Jason Schnieder
​Communication Media 20 ​Mr. Scott St. Pierre
​Communication Media 30
​Mr. Scott St. Pierre
Comm. Media 20 (French Immersion) ​Mr. Dan Ouellet​
Comm. Media 30 (French Immersion)​
​Mr. Dan Ouellet​
​Information Processing 10
​Ms. Sherry Vetter
Photography 20 (1st semester) Mr. Mitch Lowe