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Creative Writing 30

No formal prerequisites; Students should have a strong interest in writing and are encouraged to have completed ELA 20 prior to taking this course.

Creative Writing 30 will not serve as a substitute course for the ELA 30A or ELA 30B. It may, however, be used as an option credit.

Description: The four genres of creative writing featured in this online course are poetry, short fiction, play writing, and non-fiction. Students are encouraged to practice specific writing tasks and challenge themselves to explore less familiar topics, approaches, styles and genres. The creative/productive component includes the exploration, development, and expression of ideas through writing. The student will learn how ideas can be developed and transformed through exploration and critical thinking. The critical/responsive component encourages students to reflect on and respond critically to published writing, their own writing, and their peers' writing. Students become participants in the interactive process in this online course. Students will produce writing folders and a final portfolio. Students are also encouraged to submit work for publication.
Required Textbook:  There is no required textbook for this class.
Additional Requirements:
An active email account that allows for multiple page documents to be sent and received
Daily access to a computer and the internet
Access to a word processing package.